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The Southwest Louisiana Bar Association promotes high professional and ethical standard among members of the Bar who practice in Calcasieu, Cameron, Beauregard, Allen, and Jeff-Davis parishes.
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Executive Council

Executive Council Officers

Rebecca J. Hunter……………….President

Brad A. Guillory……………………Pres-Elect

B. Thomas Shea…………………………Treasurer

Karen McLellan………………….Secretary

Jere Jay Bice……………Past President

At Large Members

Adam P. Johnson

Erin M. Alley

Lee Hoffoss

Justin Todd Morales

Derrick Kee

Tony Fazzio

Erin Hargrave

Greg Marceaux

Alex Reed

Membership Classes and Qualifications


The Southwest Louisiana Bar Association includes  four classes of membership. The classes and qualifications for each class are:


Active Members are attorneys with  membership in good standing in the Louisiana State Bar  Association  who  reside in  and/or  maintain a law  office in  the  parishes of  Calcasieu, Cameron, Beauregard,  Allen  and   Jefferson Davis.


Non-Resident Members are attorneys with membership in good standing in the Louisiana State  Bar  Association  who  cannot  qualify as  Active  Members.


Emeritus  Members  are retired  attorneys and retired  judges of  the  state,  federal  and municipal  courts, who are not  practicing  law and who  reside in the  parishes of  Calcasieu, Cameron, Beauregard, Allen and Jefferson Davis.


Honorary Members  are all  active  judges,  including  hearing   officers,  of  the  state and federal  courts  who  reside in the parishes of   Calcasieu,  Cameron,  Beauregard,  Allen and Jefferson  Davis  and who,  because of  their  judicial  office,  are  prohibited  from  practicing  law.   The   Executive   Council  or the active  membership of  this corporation  may elect  any member of the  legal  profession,  irrespective of residence or of membership  in  the  Louisiana   State   Bar  Association,  as  an  Honorary   Member  of  this Corporation in tribute to the member’s meritorious service to the legal profession and to the public.


Non-Resident,  Emeritus and  Honorary  Members  have all the privileges of Active Members, except the privilege of voting and holding office.


Active and  Non-Resident  Members shall pay such annual dues and special assessments as determined by the  Executive   Council.   Senior  and Honorary Members shall pay no dues or assessments.

Applications for Membership


Applications for  membership  must  be  made in  writing  and  must  be  accompanied by payment of the appropriate dues.

Download the Membership Registration form To read the form, you will need to download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader.


Complete the form and mail, together with your membership dues, to:


P.O. BOX 191
LAKE CHARLES, LA. 70602-0191



The term “regular member in good standing” or “active member” means a lawyer who meets the eligibility requirements of an Active Member, who has been duly admitted to membership in the Southwest Louisiana Bar Association and has not been suspended or expelled and whose dues are currently paid in full.




The annual dues of the Southwest Louisiana Bar Association are as follows:


$105.00    Regular members including non-resident members

$70.00    Attorneys employed by municipal, parish, state or federal government and who, because of such employment, are prohibited from maintaining a private law practice

$75.00    Attorneys qualifying as Young Lawyers. Includes $20.00 Young Lawyer Section dues (Young Lawyers Section is comprised  of  members of the  Bar who are  under thirty nine (39) years of age, or have practiced law for less than five (5) years).




$25.00    Family and Juvenile Law Section Membership    (Must be a member in good standing with the SWLBA)

$25.00    Workers’ Compensation Section Membership    (Must be a member in good standing with the SWLBA


All dues shall be payable by the first of each year in advance, and failure of any member to pay dues on or before the first day of March shall be cause for termination of membership. Membership may be reinstated in accordance with the bylaws.

Clerk of Courts and District Courts

Calcasieu Parish Clerk of Court


14 th Judicial District Court (Calcasieu)


Cameron Parish Clerk of Court


38 th Judicial District Court (Cameron)


Beauregard Parish Clerk of Court


36 th Judicial District Court (Beauregard)


Jeff Davis Parish Clerk of Court


33 rd Judicial District Court (Allen)


31 st Judicial District Court (Jefferson Davis)


The Louisiana Supreme Court


Louisiana Third Circuit Court of Appeal


Western District of Louisiana

United States District Court


Office of Workers’ Compensation


Western District of Louisiana

United States Bankruptcy Court



Question: Does the SWLBA provide legal advice?

Answer: No. The SWLBA does not provide legal advice. Should you need free and/or income based help, please contact one of the following organizations to see if they can meet this need.
· SWLA Law Center – 337-436-3308
· Acadiana Legal Services – 337-237-4320
· Southwest Louisiana Bar Foundation – 337-936-1015

Question: Does the SWLBA provide its members mailing information?

Answer: Please contact Kim Guidry, Executive Director, for more information at 337-497-0090

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